(NationalSentinel) For the past 10 days or so, ever since the latest deep state attempt to depose President Trump manifested itself in a phony “scandal” involving a phone call he made to the leader of Ukraine, we’ve been asking: Where the hell is Lindsey Graham?

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee hasn’t scheduled a single hearing or subpoenaed a single witness from the intelligence community who supposedly “heard” President Trump “threaten” to withhold aid from Ukraine in a “quid pro quo” exchange for help in exposing the real corruption: Joe Biden’s very real threat to Ukraine and his son’s sweetheart $50k/month gig with a company under investigation by a prosecutor the former VEEP had fired.

This ought to be a slam-dunk because that arrogant prick is on video admitting what he did. The piece of shit media know what Biden did and said but they’re pretending like Trump is the criminal. He ain’t.

Well, turns out that there may not be any need for hearings.

In fact, Graham — during an appearance Sunday morning on CBS — skull-banged the entire Democrat narrative while calling out the Garbage Party: Put up or shut the fuck up about impeachment. It was effective, to say the least. And he did it on a ‘mainstream’ network.

Graham’s message to Democrats was clear: Either vote to open a formal impeachment inquiry, like the Constitution requires, or get off the subject altogether. He’s betting they won’t because they’re just bullshitting their wigged out lunatic constituents.

It’s an impassioned defense of the president like the kind Graham (R-S.C.) has made in the past.

Still, he could easily turn the tables on these bullshit allegations by issuing subpoenas to the corrupt Bidens and hauling asses in for some payback hearings after the president’s family has been run through the ringer by the Garbage Party.

They likely would weasel out of them, but at least he’d change the momentum and shift the Democrats to playing defense.

So in that sense, Graham’s hard to read. He seems to want the ‘process’ to play out and he had no trouble calling all of this Ukraine nonsense a political hoax. And, he’d have to be a hell of an actor to pull this off.

Democrats opened this can of worms to placate their voters ahead of the 2020 election. Graham is trying to goad them into doing something the vast majority of Americans don’t really want (forget those dogshit “polls” the mainstream media is floating showing ‘increasing support’ for impeachment; it’s bullshit).



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