(NationalSentinel) It’s disgusting watching Fox News self-destruct and commit suicide by taking up the narrative pushed by the lying “mainstream” media and garbage Democrats regarding the fake “Trump-Ukraine” scandal.

Every sum bitch in Washington, D.C., with a media job knows without a shadow of a doubt that President Donald Trump didn’t do a goddamned thing wrong in a phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky in July when he sought assistance in clearing up part of the Spygate/RussiaGate deep state coup operation stemming from his stellar 2016 election victory.


They also know that Joe Biden, by comparison, is fucking guilty as hell of threatening to without a billion dollars in aid from Ukraine unless Kiev fired a prosecutor looking into a corrupt gas company that employed his son, Hunter, as a $50k-a-month ‘board member.’

They’ve all seen the video where Biden the Elder bragged his saggy balls off about it. We’ve got it…here.

And yet, these Left-wing Washington media pricks have completely abandoned any semblance of objectivity to blame Trump for doing something improper with Ukraine, despite the fact that we’ve all read the transcript of his call with Zelensky and there is nothing there.

Oh, and never mind that the president is obligated, by law (signed by Bill Blow Job Clinton), to assist that Eastern European country with “mutual legal assistance in criminal matters.” The Ukrainian prosecutor fired at Joe Biden’s request was investigating tax fraud involving Burisma, the company that employed Hunter Biden.

We used to think Fox News was on the side of Americans interested in the truth about such things as phony scandals but apparently Paul Ryan’s RINO ass is more important to Fox News than defending a wrongly accused president and speaking truth to the We the People.

Fortunately, at least some of the guests on the network are pushing back against the bullshit narrative, including GOPAC’s David Avella. Folks, this is how to push back against these pretend journalists: Refuse to accept their premise that Trump did anything wrong.

As for Fox News, if they want to polish Ryan’s knob and shit on the greatest president in four generations, fuck them. And there’s always OANN.


[videopress H2DcxKEF]

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