(NationalSentinel) Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) knows something about the impeachment process, since he led one against then-President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

Hacks in the Garbage Party have a tendency to lionize “Blow Job” Clinton and engage in revisionist history about why he was impeached — he got some in the Oval Office from an intern named Monica Lewinsky then lied his ass off about it on national television and, more importantly, to federal investigators — so he was impeached.

His offense actually rose to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” but the Senate failed to convict him because they were partisan cowards. The evidence was clear; many of us here at TNS were adults back then and remember the incident well.

In any event, Gingrich knows what he’s talking about on the subject of impeachment, and to him, this bullshit with President Trump and “Ukraine” has nothing at all to do with ‘crimes’ but rather Democrats’ and the deep state’s obsession with fucking him over for daring to defeat the biggest real-life criminal to ever seek the presidency, wife of BJ, Hillary.

What’s truly refreshing, however, is that Gingrich isn’t talking around the issue. And he’s not giving the Garbage Party and their media sycophants any accommodation at all: He’s telling it like it is.

Democrats balls-deep in the ongoing “coup de t’at” attempt against Trump, and many of the party’s leaders, especially House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff, are flat-out liars, Gingrich says.

This rancorous and plain-spoken tone is exactly what Republicans need to be doing to push back against this latest attempt to deprive us of our duly elected president. If the Left succeeds, there’ll be war in the streets. And frankly, there should be.

What they’re trying to do to Trump is a fucking travesty. These people are enemies of the state.


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