Yes, the ‘mainstream’ media knew: Joe Biden threatened Ukraine REPEATEDLY to protect his son

(NationalSentinel) It is beyond painful to see the “mainstream” Washington media act as though President Trump committed an impeachable sin during a phone call with Ukraine’s president over the summer in which he asked for assistance regarding a scandal related to former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Not only do we have Joe Biden’s open, arrogant admission that he threatened to screw Ukraine out of $1 billion if Kiev didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into a corrupt company his son, Hunter, served on as a $50k/month ‘board member,’ but the garbage media was, at one time, all over the story as well.

In a series of tweets, @The_War_Economy laid out excerpts of NYMag’s reporting (and others) fully acknowledging that not only did Veep Biden threaten Ukraine, he did so often over a series of months and always to demand the same quid pro quo: ‘Fire the prosecutor investigating my son’s lucrative employer or you’re not getting shit from the Obama regime.’

The Bidens are dirty as hell. Everyone in Washington knows it. Everyone in the dogshit Washington media knows it. This threat to impeach President Trump over a call he made to Ukrainian President Zelensky had zero quid pro quo, contained zero threats, and was well within the president’s authority.

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