(NationalSentinel) As of Monday afternoon, various Democrat-controlled House committees have issued a number of subpoenas to members of the Trump administration including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

The subpoenas are the latest attempts by the Garbage Party to make the “Ukraine scandal” appear real and to bolster the ‘case’ for eventually impeaching President Donald Trump. They are seriously getting desperate.

They should be.

The only thing you really need to understand about this flurry of activity is that the Democrats are scared shitless because they know Giuliani has a ton of evidence regarding Ukraine-related corruption that ensnares Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and, believe it or not, those pieces of shit Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Democrats are busy throwing up any roadblock they can in order to block Giuliani and the president (and the Ukrainians) from releasing information that is bound to end careers and could even wind up sending some guilty motherfuckers to prison for a change.

The Deep State never ever expected Trump to win in 2016. They just knew Hillary Clinton was going to be the next president and all their goddamned corruption was going to remain hidden. When she lost, they panicked big time.

We’re seeing the “insurance policy” Penis Strzok talked about in a text to his bitch Lisa Page - this is it. The “Russia collusion” hoax, turned “Spygate,” turned “Ukraine quid pro quo” hoax. Impeachment is the next phase; that’s going to last all next year until the 2020 elections.

Giuliani has mentioned before that he’s got all the evidence he needs to put some assholes behind bars. The Democrats know it. The Bidens knows it. That shitbag Obama knows it. And Hillary damned sure knows it.

The only people who don’t seem to know it are a lot of Republicans who continue to act as though they ‘simply cannot defend’ their own fucking president…who hasn’t done a damned thing wrong…because they are political cowards.

Or part of the coup de t’at. One or the other.

Giuliani spoke with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday, before he got his subpoena, and laid it all out, as much as he could. No wonder these pricks are going after him.

But Bartiromo gets the cookie for the best question: Where the hell are the indictments?


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