(NationalSentinel) Listening to the low foreheads in the garbage “Mainstream” media this past week, you’d think that President Donald Trump has committed the most heinous crime in the history of republic, for which there is only one remedy: Impeachment.

Wow, that’s pretty serious, huh? It’s not often we hear anyone mention the “I” word when it comes to our nation’s duly elected chief executive, right?

After all, impeachment has only occurred less than a handful of times in the entire 240-plus year history of our country. It’s so rare precisely because it is so serious; removing a president is literally taking away the people’s leader since they elected him.

Except that Democrats’ calls this week for impeaching Trump over a bullshit phone call with the Ukrainian leader — in which he didn’t seek a quid pro quo and didn’t threaten foreign aid (like that dirtbag Joe Biden did) — aren’t new.

In fact, the Garbage Party and their allies in the fake news media have literally been banging the impeachment drum since Trump beat the pantsuit off the most criminally investigated bitch ever to run for our highest elected office, Hillary Clinton.

Like, it began the same month. Just days after the election (H/T MRCTV.org)


[videopress S0Y7oCea]

If President Trump is right about one thing — and he’s been right about so many things — it’s that these pieces of shit in the Democrat Party and their establishment media really are enemies of our republic.

They don’t give a damn about anything but power and they’re willing to burn down everything to take it.

Fuck that. And fuck them.

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