(NationalSentinel) One of the biggest reasons why conservatives often have trouble ‘debating’ Democrats or dealing with their positions on issues is because we don’t think alike.

Conservatives tend to think about issues and policies in terms of effectiveness and practicality while basing them on informed decisions.

Democrats, on the other hand, don’t have any understanding of these concepts and don’t care to have, in any event. To them, issues are decided on how one feels about things. Qualifications for positions have nothing to do with actual qualifications but rather what a person has dangling between their legs (or, more importantly, not dangling).

Female genitalia — not experience, breadth of ideas, and a track record — are a hell of a lot more important to running a superpower, according to Democrats.

Mind you, there isn’t one of these 2020 lunatics who want to do anything to America except run it into the ground and jail every sum bitch who voted for Donald Trump and any other Republican.

But damn — listening to these idiot clowns like ‘Democratic strategist’ Emily Tisch Sussman (video below) makes our IQ drop.

She doesn’t have a single clue about what makes our country tick. And what’s more, she doesn’t give a shit. She’s too busy accusing anyone who doesn’t support Liz “Fauxcohontas” Warren over that commie prick Bernie Sanders of being “sexist.”

WTF?? And you’ll note in the video below the two neutered “males” on the set with her don’t even have the balls to push back against her lunacy.

Voting for someone because of their genitalia is about the dumbest reason on the planet to support a political candidate. But that’s Democrats for you. Being a Marxist-Leftist isn’t enough; you have to be a Marxist-Leftist with tits and a cooch in order to be ‘good leader.’

How do you debate that? Well, that’s the point isn’t it? Rational people (conservatives) can’t deal with irrational people. But you’d better learn how because these idiots are trying to steal our country.


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