(NationalSentinel) Non-African-American Kamala Harris is so politically compromised she couldn’t do or say the right thing if her life or the life of a loved one depended on it.

In an interview this weekend, Harris was asked if she would allow her Vice President’s son to be involved in a lucrative business deal with a foreign country (like, you know, Ukraine or something) that her administration had dealings with in a substantive way.

This lying bitch instantly turned into a pretzel. “Well, I, er, uh…well, I, er, uh…no…but…but…but…”

How Elizabeth Warren-like of her.

Everyone with more than two brain cells to rub together and who isn’t a partisan hack knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees from the Ukrainian government if they didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into corruption involving a company his son, Hunter, was involved with to the tune of 50 grand a month.

Everyone who has seen the video in which Biden discusses this knows that Biden did do what everyone is now accusing President Trump of doing. Except that, according to White House-released transcripts and other information, Trump didn’t do a goddamned thing wrong. Nothing.

Biden? Well, he abused his power, threatened to withhold funds from a country that was, at the time, fighting Russian-backed rebels, on behalf of his son.

It’s on video.

But Harris refuses to do the right thing and admit that. Instead, she tells a reporter to “leave Joe Biden alone.”

Leave him alone? How about hell no? He’s running for president. He not only should be under scrutiny, he should be hauled in before the Senate to answer questions as to why he threatened Ukraine (where the fuck is Lindsey Graham?).

This bitch cannot and should not be president. Ever. She shouldn’t even be in the Senate, but that’s California’s fault.


[videopress 5cAFiR5W]

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