(NationalSentinel) Thank God One America News Network has managed to stick around long enough to actually grow and attain an audience, both on television and online.

As Fox News tries to implode thanks to dickheads like Shepard Smith, OANN has slowly but steadily built up an audience both on television and online.

OANN has a number of rising stars and one of them, clearly, is Liz Wheeler. Night after night she manages to not only be relevant but bring Americans real news stories that matter.

Granted, she has to address the pseudo-events and bullshit the other Democrat-run networks pretend are real — like President Trump’s ‘impeachable offense’ of calling and talking to the Ukrainian leader — because if no one debunks the lies, then the lies become the truth.

But Wheeler and her OANN colleagues also manage to cut through the BS and bring us truth — stories that do matter. And in the process, she skewers the partisan dweebs and clowns at the pretend networks as they get in bed nightly and do the nasty with deep state whores.

Wheeler managed to round out her broadcast week with five stories that really do matter in the great scheme of things — sort of her way of giving the competition the high hard one while she treats her viewers with respect by delivering them truth bombs.

We love her. We love OANN. We hope the network survives and thrives.


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