(NationalSentinel) For decades, Bill and Hillary Clinton have gotten away with one criminal activity after another. In fact, some believe the Clintons have literally gotten away with murder.

Back in 2015 and 2016, when then-GOP contender Donald Trump was toasting 16 other Republican candidates including the $100 million man, Jeb “Low Energy” Bush, the future president was taking no prisoners in his appeal to the American people.

But there was one speech in particular that he gave which not only helped him kick GOP ass but likely got him elected: The speech in which he exposed the Clintons for the criminal sons of bitches they are.

Report after report have detailed how Bill Clinton allegedly used the Clinton Foundation as his own personal bank account.

Even serving U.S. lawmakers including Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican from the Clintons’ home state of Arkansas, has said he believes the Clinton Foundation was nothing but one big money laundering machine.

And Hillary? That bitch is guilty of so much shit it’s hard to keep up with it all.

From back in the day when she was humping people over as First Lady to her days as Barry O’s criminal secretary of state, building a private email server that was hacked seven ways to Sunday by foreign governments — all so she could hide the criminal shit she was pulling from federal “Sunshine Laws” and the American people.

Now, we hear, she may actually run again in 2020 once the Democrats get rid of that other corrupt POS, Joe Biden.

Trump, who of course is from New York City and mingled with these pricks once upon a time, knows them about as well as anyone.

And he laid it all out in a speech before the 2016 election that many believe won him not just the nomination but put him over the top in his race against the most criminally investigated piece of shit ever to run for the White House.

(H/T DeepStateExposed)


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