(NationalSentinel) Far be it from us to tell Fox News how to run their business, but it seems the model they built — being a right-leaning alternative to the Left-wing shit show and Democrat propaganda factory all the other cable and network news organizations are — was pretty successful.

So why in the world would some of the network’s hosts and paid analysts crap on that model? Because take it from us: Nobody wants to watch another Left-wing media puke enable the ongoing deep state coup attempt against President Donald Trump from Fox News.


You may have read that there is an internal “feud” going on at Fox News between evening ‘news’ host Shepard Smith and nightly opinion/news host Tucker Carlson. Based on a segment (below) that Tucker aired Friday night featuring unpaid analyst and former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova, we’d have to say that the reports are fairly accurate.

It seems that Smith has gone full libtard and he’s brought “Judge” Andrew Napolitano along with him. Or maybe the judge came willingly. Who knows? Who cares?

The fact is, these two clowns have joined with the Democrat Party media and the deep state as enemies of Donald Trump and we’re calling these pricks out.

Smith and Napolitano seem to think that Trump, in his phone call with the Ukrainian president, sought a “campaign contribution” when he asked for assistance in identifying Joe and Hunter Biden corruption as well as the assholes who plotted against him through Ukraine (that would be the DNC and the Hillary 2016 campaign).

As diGenova — again, a former federal prosecutor — tried to explain to the “fool” Napolitano, that request does not constitution an “in-kind” campaign donation. WTF? The Justice Department has repeatedly said so.

It’s a shame that Fox News is now becoming CNN- and MSNBC-lite. The last thing this republic needs is another Marxist News Network full of anti-American asswipes gunning for our president.

Thanks to diGenova and Tucker for the free legal session.


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