(NationalSentinel) Former acting ICE Director Tom Homan is a patriotic American who has dedicated decades of his life to serving America and keeping our borders safe and security.

Homan’s biggest enemies throughout his many years on the job, however, weren’t illegal aliens or Mexico: It was fucking Democrats, and they remain the biggest impediments to border safety and security (and our country) to this day.

The Garbage Party hates President Trump and guys like Homan who are serious about enforcing all immigration laws, keeping illegal immigrant shitbag predators out of our county and off our streets, and providing the men and women who man the border and do interior enforcement with all the tools and resources they need to get the job done.

Democrats, meanwhile, would just as soon throw open our borders and let every Juan, Carlos, and Henrietta walk the fuck in without any hassles, no questions asked — then give them every goddamned their little hearts desired so they cast their votes for the Garbage Party.

They are the party of allowing criminal aliens to live unmolested in “sanctuary cities.” The party that works to protect the “rights” of illegal aliens while shitting all over the rights of American citizens.

Because Democrats are liars, crooks, and assholes, they can’t convince enough of us to put them in power. So they have to import as many voters as possible to remain relevant.

Homan is now, and has always been, like, fuck that. We are a superpower; we reserve the right to have and enforce our borders just like every other country on the planet with the means to do so.

In spite of Democrats and their piece of shit political ideology of open borders.

It is always glorious to watch Homan school these retards, and he did it again earlier this week during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. His victim this time was that bitch Pramila Jayapal from Washington, a first generation immigrant from India who obviously didn’t think enough of her own country to stay the fuck there.

She tried to claim that what the Trump administration is doing — enforcing immigration law — is somehow racist, bigoted, and wrong, when in fact, Obama was the Deporter-in-Chief.


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