(NationalSentinel) It’s become obvious by now that a former bartender from the Bronx — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — is really the new leader of the Garbage Party, as evidenced by the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi caved to impeachment demands by AOC and her deranged America-hating “Squad.”

But more than one political observer believes Pelosi stepped in shit big time when she announced that the House would sorta, kinda, look at impeaching President Donald Trump.

Mind you, before a formal impeachment inquiry begins, the full House must vote to approve one and that hasn’t happened yet, though the dogshit “mainstream” media is reporting it that way.

Nevertheless, the president’s extensive wide base is responding to the threat posed to our republic by Marxist Democrat asswipes by digging into their wallets and ponying up massive amounts of cash to defend his reelection bid.

But while they’re at it, the president’s supporters are also giving the Republican National Committee an even bigger financial advantage: Expanding a financial war chest with which the party can outspend shithead Democrats and give us back the House while keeping the Senate.

It’s obvious Democrats don’t give a fuck about doing the country’s business. All they and the retards who vote for them want is to fuck up President Trump’s life; they don’t give one rat’s ass if they destroy our country in the process.

And do you know who is salivating over this Democrat siege of our president? Our enemies. While they disrupt his presidency with bullshit ‘leaks’ and ‘whistleblower’ complaints about nothing, our enemies get stronger.

And you know, Democrats love our enemies. Because they are dicks.

Rona discusses the fundraising numbers just in the last 24 hours, however, and it’s music to our ears. The more Pelosi listens to that idiot AOC, the bigger the RNC war chest becomes.


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