(NationalSentinel) Legendary actor Jon Voight loves his country and he loves the fact that Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 because he’s delivering on all of the things he promised: Lower taxes, more jobs, more opportunities, growth, strong defense, border security, and making America great again.

But Voight is among a select few in that cesspool of moral degeneracy and anti-American sentiment known as Hollywood who give a shit about the country and its people who have given him so much.

In a new video posted online, Voight makes an impassioned defense of President Trump while taking it to the POS Left — a.k.a. Democrats — who are pining to impeach him.

He makes all the right points and asks all the right questions.

Who in their right fucking minds wants to see our country weakened? Destroyed? Who wants to see our status as the greatest beacon of freedom and democracy undermined?

Why in the fuck would anyone wish harm to a president that works every single day to get a better deal for us, not our competitors or other countries who want to take us down?

Why wouldn’t we rally around a man who has delivered us prosperity, strength, and stability? These are all questions Democrats should be made to answer.

“This is war,” Voight intones to kick off his video. And he’s right; it is war.

Either we defeat the scumbags in the Garbage Party and send their asses packing, or we all wind up living in an authoritarian shithole governed by pricks who have more in common with Josef Stalin and Adolph Hitler than George Washington, Thomas Jefferson…and Donald Trump.

Thank you, Mr. Voight.


[videopress nMZfUBas]


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