(NationalSentinel) Nobody hates Donald Trump as president more than former Ohio governor and RINO Rep. John Kasich, and he’s made that clear on a number of occasions.

That’s the primary reason why he landed an ‘analyst’ job on America’s shittiest, least-watched cable news channel, CNN.

But it probably put his cushy job in jeopardy on Friday when he had to verbally backhand one of the dumbest hosts on TV, Alisyn Camerota.

As usual, she was carrying water for the Garbage Party, attempting to claim without proof or evidence that President Trump deserved to be impeached and ought to be over this bullshit involving a partisan ‘whistleblower’ complain regarding a phone call he had with the Ukrainian president earlier this summer.

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Never mind that Camerota ought to be more concerned about the fact that the president has to lock up transcripts of his phone calls with world leaders because Deep State partisans leak shit all the time – Exhibit A being this fake scandal with the Ukrainian leader.

But no. She and her Democrat sycophants want Trump’s ass out the door and it doesn’t matter if they have to lie 24/7/365 while taking huge dumps on the Constitution and the rule of law in the process.

Kasich, however, has actually served in Congress, and while his anti-Trump attitude obviously stems from the fact that Trump beat his balls off in 2016, he at least had the guts to school Camerota on what rises to the level of impeachable offenses for the president. And what doesn’t.

Bottom line, he noted: If Trump can literally be impeached for nothing, then so can every other president who comes after him. Then all we’re left with is a dogshit banana republic.

Of special note: Camerota actually praises Pelosi for ‘holding off’ for more than three years — “especially after the Mueller report” — to move on impeachment.

WTF? Kasich had to remind her, again, that there was nothing in the Mueller report indicating the president had committed an impeachable offense.

No wonder nobody watches these pricks.


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