(NationalSentinel) We think it might be time for Fox News‘ Jesse Watters to invest in some personal security, because he is killing it when it comes to exposing the motivations behind the latest attempt to depose President Donald Trump.

We say ‘latest’ because Democrats and the Deep State pricks they serve who believe they, and not a duly elected president, should be running the country, have never stopped trying to depose Trump since he beat the pantsuit off the most corrupt bitch to ever win a presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton.

It started with leaks, then burgeoned into “Russian collusion,” then expanded to the full-blown “Spygate” scandal which was designed specifically to drive our president out of office. They didn’t pick him to be president, so they have essentially given those of us who voted for him the middle finger and are trying to get rid of him.

The latest chapter in this unending sequel is this bullshit story that somehow Donald Trump did something wrong when he asked the president of Ukraine to help him and his administration clear up some of the corruption originating from the stinking carcass of the Obama administration.

Spygate actually has origins in Ukraine. So does Joe “Gaffe Machine” Biden, who abused his Veep position to help protect his son Hunter’s sweetheart financial deal with a corrupt Ukraine gas company.

Trump knows he’s been under siege by these Deep State assholes for years now. He knows what they are trying to do — not just depose him but throw him in some deep, dark jail cell somewhere for the rest of his life. And his family, too.

And why? To show anyone else like him who is considering running for president that’s the fate that awaits them. “Don’t fuck with us,” is their message, “or we’ll ruin you, too.”

Watters is onto them, and he took the time on “The Five” Thursday to explain exactly what’s going on, why, and who’s responsible. Oh, and he reminds us that Trump’s Justice Department is hot on the Deep State’s ass.

You wanna know what’s really going on? Watters tells us. Because he has ball-balls.


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