(NationalSentinel) Sen. Liz “Fauxcohontas” Warren, another of the many Democrats running for the Garbage Party’s 2020 nomination, isn’t having a good week.

Earlier, when she was asked on the campaign trail if she would allow her Vice President to have a son go to work for a foreign company and make killer money for doing jack shit, a la Joe and Hunter Biden, she first said “no,” but then snaked her ass out of it by claiming that she’d have to actually consult her own Ethics plan before answering.

WTF? What sort of ‘ethics’ plan would not discourage a vice president’s child from taking a job with a corrupt foreign country under investigation by its own government? What the hell does she have to “consult?”

In any event, it hasn’t gotten any better for Liz since.

NBC News tried to get a straight answer from her regarding whether Middle Class earners would have to pay more in taxes to support her government-controlled healthcare plan, “Medicare for All.”

All the interviewer wanted was a simple “yes” or “no.”

She didn’t get it. Instead, she got some rambling grandmotherly bullshit about how Lizzie’s always fought for ‘affordable’ healthcare for Americans, how much she fucking cares about all of us, yada, yada, yada.

But no straight answer. And do you know why?

Because she’s a smart person. She knows damned good and well there is no freaking way to phase in full-on, 100-percent government-financed-and-controlled healthcare without raising everyone’s taxes a shit ton.

She by not answering, she’s not telling the truth — which is typical for a Garbage Party candidate.


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