(NationalSentinel) “Well, I, er, uh…” That didn’t go well.

Campaigning for president while still serving in office is tough, but it’s much harder when you’re a partisan hack and a spineless liar who lacks a moral compass.

Because when the question of ethics in your prospective administration comes up, your instincts can betray your naked political ambition.

Sen. Liz “Fauxcohontas” Warren was asked whether, as president, she would allow her vice president’s son to take a lucrative board member position on a foreign company.

Obviously, the question was tied to current brouhaha over former Veep Joe Biden’s threat to withhold a billion bucks in aid to Ukraine if the country’s prosecutor didn’t drop an investigation into a corrupt company, Burisma Holdings, where son Hunter sat as a board member — at $50k large per month.

While Liz’s Garbage Party pretends like they’re going to impeach President Trump for allegedly doing the same thing, the fact is they’re just blowing smoke up our asses because they don’t have shit on the president. They have plenty on that crazy prick Biden, though.

Still, it’s a relevant question to ask someone who wants to be president — especially a Democrat. But as we see in the video below, Liz really has no “Ethics” plan when it comes to holding anyone in her Garbage Party accountable, as evidenced by her pathetic verbal stumbling after actually saying the right thing. (H/T: @Liz_Wheeler at One America News)


[videopress HtaptxP5]

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