(NationalSentinel) As the Garbage Party and their sycophants in the pretend media launch the next fake scandal — Ukraine — intended to depose our duly elected president, Donald Trump, it’s more than fair to recount all of the impeachable shit that Obama did and Democrats didn’t give a fuck about.

And so One America News Network’s Liz Wheeler did just that on her program Wednesday night.

If life were fair and we had a functioning system of government, Barack Obama would have been impeached and, perhaps, even indicted for regularly dumping on the Constitution and pulling illegal shit like the “Fast and Furious” gun-running op that actually got federal agents like Border Patrol officer Brian Terry killed.

There was much more, of course: Spying on journalists and hacking their computers; Benghazi; the IRS targeting of conservatives; Joe Biden’s quid pro quo threats to Ukraine to fend off a corruption investigation into a company where his son served as a board member; DACA, etc. etc.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden abused the offices of the presidency and vice presidency like mob bosses would. And throughout their entire eight years of corruption, not one fucking Democrat gave a shit about any of it.

In fact, Republican cowards weren’t any better. Because they were afraid of what the dogshit media would say about them as well as Obama’s skin color, they refused to hold him accountable as well.

Meanwhile, President Trump is being targeted for impeachment because he got up this morning and took a breath.

Wheeler’s takedown of Garbage Party hypocrisy is spot-on, though, and the comparison definitely needed to be made.


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