Biden’s OTHER massive scandal: The $1.5 billion China deal explained in three minutes (Video)

(NationalSentinel) As the Garbage Party and their media sycophants continue to pretend as though President Donald Trump committed some impeachable offense with Ukraine, the real scandal involving that country belongs to former VP Joe Biden.

And his son, Hunter Biden.

Anyone who is interested in the issue and has an Internet connection has already seen the video where Biden admits that he threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees to the Ukrainian government if then-President Petro Poroshenko didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into a corrupt gas company where Hunter was a $50k-a-month board member.

What’s more, presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani said this week that the Bidens managed to launder some $3 million out of Ukraine, through Cyprus and other destinations, into various bank accounts. He says he’s got the evidence.

The lying media and Democrats know that Biden is guilty as hell of abusing his power during the most corrupt administration in U.S. history. They also know Trump didn’t do a damned thing wrong — certainly nothing to impeach him over. Offering Justice Department assistance to the Ukrainians to help them clear up this scandal — without threatening them, like Biden did — is nothing.

But Ukraine is just one half of the massive corruption surrounding the Bidens. There is more to it than that: There is China.

Earlier reports claim Veep Biden used his position to help his son and John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz get into bed with the Chinese government, securing a $1.5 billion business deal in 2013.

Now this crazy prick wants to be president, and the Garbage Party wants to blow up the Constitution just to protect him.

Here is the Biden China scandal easily explained in about three minutes. Boom.


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Biden’s OTHER massive scandal: The $1.5 billion China deal explained in three minutes | Headline of the Day
Jules Guidry

The more the commies(dems) try to blame Trump for something they did, the more apparent it becomes the “cover-up”, as alleged by Piglousi, is on the left side of the equation. Big time. Most folks didn’t know about, nor care, of the Biteme family crooked dealings with the last Ukrainian administration. Now they do. Then the “china” dealings are floating to the surface. Almost like the Clinton family debacle and their constant dealings with foreign powers to garner “donations” to grant favors to the donors. Hmmmm. A typical ‘look over there, don’t look at what we’re doing’. Misdirection, which is… Read more »


You lose credibility when you constantly call people names. The truth works best when it is delivered with respect; otherwise, the people who need to hear the truth will just deflect to your crudeness and use it as an excuse to dismiss everything else that you say.

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