(NationalSentinel) Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) has been hell-bent on impeaching President Donald Trump since the fellow New Yorker beat Ms. Pantsuit Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Nadler has especially been hot to probe Trump and impeach him after taking over the House Judiciary Committee after Democrats managed to slip their way into controlling that chamber last year.

Mind you, the president hasn’t done anything that rises to the constitutional level of an impeachable offense — “high crimes and misdemeanors.” All he did was beat the most corrupt bitch to ever run for the presidency outside of her lecherous husband.

Now this fat fuck is going to get his wish, sort of.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been pressured into agreeing to a kinda/maybe impeachment inquiry and of course Nadler and his committee will lead it.

But there was a time many years and many pounds ago when Nadler wasn’t so keen on impeachment — when Bill Clinton was in the hot seat.

Mind you, Clinton actually did commit crimes — he lied to federal prosecutors about a blow job and other sexual favors he got from a young intern named Monica Lewinsky, while in the Oval Office. Then he got on national TV and lied his ass off again.

Back in those days, Nadler was lecturing Americans about how impeachment should never be considered because gosh, impeaching presidents “overturns” a national election and we can’t have that. As long as the president is a Democrat, of course.

But a Republican? And especially Trump? To hell with that. Nadler and his sycophants have been trying to overturn the 2016 election since they lost it.

Hypocrisy may never have weighed so much.


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