(NationalSentinel) You remember “Mini AOC,” right? She’s the young lady who resembles a young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and who mocked her ceaselessly with hilarious videos.

That is, until deranged Left-wing fucktards drove her off-line with threats of violence because, you know, when the Left is threatening kids, it’s okay. 

Well, Mini AOC, real name Ava Martinez, has returned with a new video posted to her Twitter account that lambasts the idiots who seriously believe “human-caused climate change” will destroy the planet in, “like,” 10 years and stuff.

“The sky is falling! The sky is falling…in 12 years! Looks like politics are no longer off limits for children thanks to Greta. Wish someone would’ve made that clear a few months back. Comedy is much better than scare tactics and fear-mongering anyway,” she wrote as she posted her new vid.

Greta is Greta Thunberg, the young lady from Sweden Democrats have been exploiting in their latest despicable tactic: Using kids to try to scare the shit out of Western youth so they will go the polls when they are old enough to vote and keep electing these retards to power.

Greta, whose mother has written about her mental health issues, was paraded to the UN by scumbag Leftists so she could lecture world leaders about climate change and how they are “destroying” her future.

It doesn’t matter that the claim is 100 percent bullshit. What is sad is that the young lady believes it — convinced by asshole Leftists that she has no future. Talk about child abuse.

Anyway, young Ava takes all of them to task in her latest video, which ought to make thinking adults ask themselves, “If this kid gets it, how come so many adults don’t?”

It’s good to have you back, Ava.


[videopress jxVq47wf]

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