(NationalSentinel) Former Vice President Joe Biden opened his big mouth once too often, and now it’s gonna cost him — and his son — big time.

That’s the warning from presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who told Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham Tuesday night the Democrats — with their drumbeat for “impeachment” of his client, President Donald Trump — was a “trap” he’s been hoping they’d walk into for “months.”

And like a lemming, Nancy Pelosi fell for it when she announced an official ‘impeachment inquiry’ on Tuesday stemming from allegations that the president is guilty of treason or some such bullshit for asking the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden and his son, Hunter, regarding a sweetheart business deal in his country.

Mind you, this ridiculous allegation comes after Biden and his former boss, Obama, launched “Spygate” — the plot to depose Trump because they were pissed off he beat Hillary’s balls off. Who’s guilty of sedition?

Fact is, Joe Biden did pressure the Ukrainians to drop a probe into a company that was paying his son 50 grand a month to sit on its board. That’s pretty damned good money for a guy who had no experience running a gas company.

You’ve seen the video. Biden bragging his ass off in front of a forum sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations several months ago that he threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine in 2015 if the government didn’t fire the prosecutor investigating corruption linked to the company where Hunter Biden was an executive.

And lo and behold — the guy was fired. Whaddaya know about that?

Giuliani says there is a ton more to this story. He says he has all the documents, all the evidence, showing the Bidens are crooked sons of bitches, enriching themselves compliments of foreign governments including China (this is a great video explaining that angle).

“They have walked into a trap,” Giuliani told Ingraham.

“I have the records of $3 million payments laundered to Biden’s son. I have the records. I have the dates. It went from Ukraine, to Latvia to Cyprus, Cyprus to him. That’s called evidence of guilty knowledge… He got $1.5 billion from China! $1.5 Billion!… They bought the Vice President of the United States.”

Pelosi, by caving to her deranged lunatic base, just shit all over the Bidens. Glorious.


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