(NationalSentinel) Without question, President Donald Trump is THE most patriotic president our country has elected in generations.

Some have compared him to the conservative icon Ronald Reagan, and he certainly has Reaganite qualities: Loves America, hates bureaucracy, wants us to be great, and opposes globalism.

But President Trump has some qualities that Reagan didn’t have, per se. He has a penchant for never backing down.

He doesn’t have any problems speaking his mind and telling people exactly what he wants to say — and exactly what they need to hear. Even if they don’t like it.

Well, especially if they don’t like it.

President Trump will go down in legitimate history books as the president who was most under siege since taking office from shitballs in Congress and assholes in the ‘mainstream’ media who would rather see our country fail than succeed.

And he’ll also go down as the president who restored American prosperity and greatness after that bone smoker Obama and his dogshit Democrat Party tried to ruin everything and turn us into a giant Venezuela.

This one line from President Trump’s UN speech today will make you sprint to the polls to vote for him next year.


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