(NationalSentinel) If there is one group of people who should understand the importance of individual liberty and freedom, it is Americans.

Our country was founded on those principles, in fact. Our founders risked everything — they fought the British empire, and many died, because their desire for liberty was so strong.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Hong Kong desire the same kind of freedom and liberty that Americans have enjoyed for more than 243 years.

They are sick and tired of the oppressive Chinese Communist regime, which restricts their rights, steals their freedom, and forces all of them to live under the thumb of tyranny.

Any American should understand why they are now protesting against the regime in Beijing. Or so you’d think.

Video captured by a demonstrator and posted online, however, shows what appears to be an American woman lecturing young Hong Kong residents about their protests.

At one point this idiot even asks, “You value freedom more than safety?”

We can answer that: Hell yes.

She even criticized them over their freedom graffiti, asking, “Is this okay? Is this respectful?” WTF? Many of these protesters have been seen waving American flags.

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Hey lady — is a regime that murders its own people for speaking and throws them in gulags for years on end… okay? Is that shit “respectful?”

When Americans criticize others who are trying to break the chains of tyranny, something is wrong with us, not them.


[videopress DhX3iM9s]

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