(NationalSentinel) One thing’s for sure: The Democrats have the empathy thing down pat — and they have to, because the rest of their agenda is BS.

That was on display again this week as 2020 presidential contender Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) attempted to ‘calm the fears’ of a young person who has clearly been brainwashed by shit head Leftists into believing the world is going to end and they are going to die.

No fooling; this person literally believes that.

And of course, Harris didn’t do a damn thing to set this person straight.

Instead, she just stroked this person’s emotions and blamed ‘other people’ for — we don’t know, killing the planet or something? — even as this Left-wing bitch jets around the country burning fossil fuels like a boss. And, you know, destroying the environment and stuff.

The most ridiculous part, though, was when she told this person she was going to beat President Trump. 😂

Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for scaring the shit out of a generation of young people over a hoax. But you have to have a conscience to feel ashamed.

As for Harris, she definitely gave an Oscar-worthy performance though, we gotta hand it to her. She sure can act.


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