(NationalSentinel) At the rate the FBI and Justice Department — both of whom now work for President Trump — are releasing documents pertaining to “Spygate,” hundreds of thousands of Americans will die before they learn the whole truth.

That’s because the bureau and DoJ are stonewalling the one organization — Judicial Watch — that is trying to get to the bottom of the Obama-era scandal that posed the most serious threat to a duly elected president in the history of our country.

JW President Tom Fitton, who has been doing most of the heavy lifting in exposing Spygate, along with his organization, is fed up with the bullshit excuses he keeps getting from Deep State scumbags who refuse to comply with lawful FOIA requests and court orders to produce documents that belong to the American people.

In particular, Fitton is trying to get all 18,000 documents the FBI and DoJ say they have involving fired FBI counterintelligence hack Peter Strzok and his one-time lover and former FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, as they plotted along with their superiors and Obama to depose President Donald Trump.

But instead, he’s only getting a trickle of documents per month.

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At this rate, he says, it’ll be years before Americans learn the full extent of the Obama-era Spygate plot. And that’s not good enough.

Fitton wants the shit now. Not after the statute of limitations.


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