(NationalSentinel) As Democrats and their Left-wing media hacks chastise conservatives for criticizing a 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden who has clearly been used by them to spread the hoax, they are all silent on the exploitation of kids as young as five in San Francisco who are being taught to hate our president.

Not an exaggeration. To hate him.

And why? Well, climate change, of course. Oh, and he’s a racist bigot.

Teachers in San Francisco rounded up their young students and led them in anti-Trump demonstrations Tuesday, at one point instructing them to chant, “Who do we hate? Donald Trump!”

Every single one of these prick teachers should be indicted for child abuse. But of course, they won’t because they are Left-wing assholes from California where they grow ’em like other fruits.

Of course, the Left’s exploitation of children to advance their political agenda is nothing new. It manifested itself Tuesday when they paraded young Greta Thunberg to the UN so she could lecture world leaders about how they are ‘destroying’ her future by modernizing their societies.

Our public schools are nothing more than Left-wing indoctrination centers.

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How dare them.

The Left has no shame. They have no consciences. They are garbage people. You’d have to be to do this to a kid. And any parent who approves of this is guilty by association.


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