(NationalSentinel) Because practically no one watches them or their POS network MSNBC, morning anchors and hubby-wife duo Mika Brzezinski and “Morning Joe” Scarborough have to do and say outrageous things to get noticed.

Like practically beg Obama’s second secretary of state, John Kerry, to jump into the 2020 Democratic presidential race.

Because, apparently, even clown ‘journalists’ recognize a train wreck when they see one, and that perfectly sums up the class of idiots running for the 2020 Donkey Party crown.

Joe Biden, the current ‘front runner,’ doesn’t know where he is half the time. And when he speaks, he’s like a friggin’ gaffe machine. Insert facepalm emoji here –> 🤦‍♂️

The rest of the pack are flaming Marxists who want to turn our country into one giant Venezuela. And not one of them can stand up to President Trump on a debate stage.

So, when Kerry isn’t breaking the law ‘consulting’ with America’s arch-nemesis Iran on how to shit on President Trump, he should be throwing his hat into the 2020 Dem clown show, Mika and Joe say.

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You know, to “save” us from the massive success story that is the Trump presidency.

It’s pathetic, really, but in a way, it’s funny as hell.


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