(NationalSentinel) If you ever needed more proof that the ability to be elected to Congress often has nothing to do with smarts or intelligence, we bring you Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee.

The Texas Democrat was recently giving an interview to the media about a subject she obviously doesn’t know a damn thing about: AR-15 rifles.

Not only did she mischaracterize the weapon as “heavy,” she even claimed the rifles fire .50 caliber bullets.

No, that’s not a satirical attempt at humor. She said that shit!

Worse, the media clowns interviewing seem like they just swallowed that BS like it was gospel.

Below is a little video montage by @trumps_perfection that perfectly frames the idiocy.

But on a more serious note, people like her are actual members of Congress, where gun control legislation comes from.

Talk about scary.

We need some basic qualifications for members of Congress. Like, they need to demonstrate knowledge of issues before they dare to propose legislation pertaining to them.


[videopress 3fXlYbkx]

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