Brainwashed young climate activist lectures world leaders at UN; ‘How dare you!’ (Video)

(NationalSentinel) There is nothing more heinous, more cruel, and more evil than corrupting a child’s mind, but Western Leftists have been doing it for generations when it comes to so-called “climate change.”

First, they brainwashed kids into believing that “overpopulation” due to modernity was destroying the planet (so now some Western countries have zero or negative birth rates).

Then they brainwashed them into believing that human technological advancement was making the planet too cold. Then too hot, i.e. global warming.

When that bullshit didn’t convince enough young minds, the Leftists altered the language again — to “climate change.”

Hell, the climate has always changed since Earth became habitable; no one can argue with that! Now, let’s just attach the “human-caused activity” lie to “climate change,” toss in some “computer modeling” and bogus “science,” and viola…climate change is destroying the planet!

The solution? Get rid of capitalism, of course! Go back to communal living or some shit like that. No more cars. Pray that the wind blows and the sun shines long enough each day that they can power crappy batteries for a couple hours a day and call it good.

These Left-wing assholes have so brainwashed a generation of young people that they are literally frightened nearly to death that there won’t be a planet for them to live on in a couple of years.

Just listen to the young lady, Greta Thunberg, below. She actually says people are dying and suffering” from Climate Change!

As you listen to her panicked voice, keep in mind this isn’t her fault. She’s just regurgitating the absolute bullshit she’s been taught by scumbag Leftists who are using this hoax to empower themselves.


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Frank Malick
Frank Malick

Hmm, her coaches should have steered her more toward earnestness rather than strident tones. She doesn’t come off well trying to plead and guilt her audience. “We” didn’t steal her youth, the climate alarmists did. Co2, the thing plants need? Plants which process toxins and produce oxygen, that’s the problem? So we should cut Co2, which would kill off the plants, to fix everything? Hmm, so back before electricity became widely available, EVERYONE used wood or coal for heating and cooking. Not to mention that industries used coal as well. Even though there were less people alive, the level of… Read more »

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