(NationalSentinel) As we have often stated, today’s Democrat Party has become the old Soviet/Chinese Communist Party.

The policies they push and the way they attempt to sell those policies are no different than the way Marxist commies pushed their garbage ideology in the early 1900s.

Communism, socialism, and Marxism not only deprive people of liberty, they enslave populations. They kill ingenuity, economies, hopes and dreams.

And very often, as a simple tweet from PragerU notes, these regimes kill millions of their own people.

That’s why every Democrat pushing this bullshit needs hard pushback. The last thing we need is a bunch of Joe Stalin and Mao reincarnates stealing our wealth, taking our property, and shitting all over our Constitution. There are no “democratic” Socialists, only socialists.

Because they would. You know how badly today’s Democrats hate President Donald Trump and his supporters.

You’ve heard them blame us – blame us! — for electing him.

Social media is awash in ‘threats’ to ‘get even’ with Trump’s supporters if Democrats ever manage to steal power again.

PragerU explains what’s in store for us if that were to happen:

Great question.

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American needs President Trump. We cannot allow America to become a commie/socialist wasteland led by vengeful Democrats with a score to settle.

We are literally in a battle to preserve our republic as founded.

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