(NationalSentinel) Every time he opens his mouth, former Vice President Joe Biden, another of the many 2020 Democratic presidential contenders, makes it clear he was part of the most criminal regime in the history of our country.

After the garbage “mainstream media” reported last week that President Trump made ‘inappropriate’ requests of the Ukrainian government to look into allegations that Biden helped his son, Hunter Biden, with a sweetheart business deal involving a seat on the board of a Ukrainian gas company in 2015, the former Veep has been all over the tube blaming Trump for doing something wrong.

What the hell?

In a tense interview with a Fox News reporter who asked Biden if he’d ever spoken to his son about that sweetheart deal, Biden put his finger in the guy’s face and told him he ought to be asking Trump questions about Ukraine.

Except the current occupant of the White House didn’t do anything wrong. Biden, on the hand, admitted he intervened on behalf of his son.

What a ‘tard.

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The Trump campaign put together a little montage of Biden’s faux outrage and footage of him bragging about how he strong-armed the Ukrainian government back in the day to fire a prosecutor who just happened to be looking into corruption allegations surrounding the very same gas company where the unqualified Hunter Biden sat as a board member.

Joe Biden, you got caught and now you’re just pissed off.

You can’t lie worth a damn. You and your pal Barry Obama should be wearing prison stripes for the shit you did to our president and our country.


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