Don’t lose hope! This young Millennial explains the evils of socialism like a BOSS (Video)

(NationalSentinel) The American Left, which manifests itself in the Democrat Party, is no different than the Communist and Socialist Left of the 20th century.

They are just as diabolical, just as authoritarian, and just as adept at convincing young people that their political ideology is the way forward.

Rich people shouldn’t be rich. It’s not fair that someone has something you don’t have. You have every right to their stuff because we’re ALL supposed to be “equal!”

Or some such bullshit.

What the lying Democrat socialist commies never say is that people who earned what they have should keep what they have, and that “equality” in America really means equality of opportunity.

But getting that reality across to young people is difficult — unless you are one of them.

The young Millennial woman in the video, Morgan Zegers, below explained the pitfalls of socialism perfectly and in way others of her generation can understand. How it destroys economies and lives, not builds them up.

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It’s inspiring to see, to say the least. (H/T The Young Americans Against Socialism)


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