(NationalSentinel) Democrats have a real problem heading into the 2020 election: His name is President Donald Trump.

That is becoming more evident by the day as 2020 Democratic presidential candidates vying for their party’s nomination propose one stupid, expensive, unworkable, and unpopular proposal after another.

Like giving away free college and healthcare to illegal aliens. A ‘green new deal’ that costs tens of trillions of dollars and would revert our society back to the 1800s. Taking away our cars and beef with new environmental regulations based on a ‘climate change’ hoax.

Democrats are fighting an uphill battle with a president who has brought wealth and prosperity back to parts of America left for dead by Democrat policies and extremism.

Like communities in Minnesota, where steel mining is making a comeback, jobs are returning, and the president’s trade, immigration, and economic policies are extremely popular.

So much so that “deep blue” enclaves are turning red. For Trump. And everyone says the same thing: They never left the Democrat Party; the party left them.

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CNN visited one such community in Minnesota this week and filed a report (below). No doubt this didn’t sit well with the Left-wing psychopaths and pretend journalists at that garbage network.

Spoiler alert: Race-baiting America-hater Ilhan Omar isn’t very popular there, either.


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