(NationalSentinel) The life of a police officer has never been easy, so in that respect, being a cop today is no different than it was a century ago.

But let’s face it: Thanks to the Democrat Left, mistreatment of cops today has reached a crisis level, as evidenced by the fact that many cities and jurisdictions are having difficulty recruiting new officers.

There isn’t a single Democrat running for president today, let alone many in Congress, who haven’t disparaged police officers by calling them racist, bigoted murderers. That piece of shit Mayor Pete Buttigieg, in fact, threw his entire South Bend, Ind., department under the bus recently after they killed a black suspect who was trying to freaking kill an officer with an eight-inch knife.

We know Pete was in the Navy and all that, but we highly doubt he has the skills to fend off a crazy-ass suspect with an eight-inch knife. Pete was an Intel guy.

And yet, his cops — as well as hundreds of thousands of others around the country — are expected to do just that, keep their communities safe, every single moment of every single day.

Only to be abused by dirt bag cowards like the guy in the video below. What do you want to bet that not a single Democrat will come out in defense of the Aurora, Colo., officer being abused? They created the conditions for this abuse; they are responsible for it.

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There may come a day, soon, when our thin blue line gives the rest of us the high, hard middle finger and tells us to fend for ourselves. Then, cowards like this little moron will be among the first casualties.


Oh yeah — “language” alert. You’ve been warned.


[videopress y95F6ZBl]


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