(NationalSentinel) Democrats who run California have decided in the age of President Donald Trump that they are no longer obligated to follow federal laws, especially those dealing with illegal immigration.

The entire state has become a “sanctuary” for anyone and everyone who wants to settle there, whether they are in the country legally or not.

California’s cities are becoming third-world shit holes, thanks to the Democrats who run them (and the Democrat voters who keep these clowns in power).

In addition to illegal immigrants, homeless people by the tens of thousands are populating larger and larger sections of cities like L.A. and San Francisco, with no end in sight.

Meanwhile, these hypocrite Democrats who refuse to enforce federal immigration law are now claiming that it’s the federal government’s job to help them clean up their homeless problem.

To hell with that.

Former Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan wrote a column this week for Fox News, in which he called out the lawless scumbags in California who think that their state is no longer obligated to follow federal laws.

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He says:

Let me state what we were all taught in elementary school: Congress and the president enact federal laws. Federal agencies, state legislatures and individuals do not. So it’s hypocritical and silly for Democrats to blame ICE for enforcing laws passed by Congress and signed by presidents.

It federal immigration laws become optional, then why not make all federal laws optional? This is a frightening concept that would make all laws meaningless and lead to chaos and anarchy. For this reason, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, whether you are a Trump supporter or opponent, you should oppose the effort by Democrats in California and nationally to turn a blind eye to enforcement of our immigration laws.

California officials either need to begin observing all federal laws the same as everyone else, or they need their asses hauled to jail for insurrection, period. In our system, states don’t get to pick and choose which laws they want to obey based on who is sitting in the White House.


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