(NationalSentinel) No one has been subjected to more false reporting and fake news than President Donald Trump.

Every single day, it’s some new bullshit. He’s a “Russian dupe.” He’s “colluding with Moscow.” He’s “cheating” on his taxes. He’s “calling someone a racist name.”

Just last week, a series of fake news reports by the likes of CNN, the Washington Post, and The New York Times claimed, variably, he gave away intel secrets to Moscow, is blackmailing Ukraine by denying them weapons, and he picked a serial sexual predator — Justice Brett Kavanaugh — to be on the Supreme Court.

None of this was true. Little of what the dogshit media report about Trump is true.

While he’s rebuilding America, making us great again, and gaining new global respect, these media clowns are finding new and inventive ways to lie their asses off about what he’s accomplished. It’s sickening.

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They’ve become a joke — in his words, a “laughingstock” — the world over. And he let them know that right to their lying faces on Friday at the White House.

Classic, Mr. President! Don’t take one more ounce of crap from these Democrat partisan losers.


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