(NationalSentinel) America’s police officers have a tough job and it’s only got tougher during the Obama administration, when the former president used every excuse he could to demonize cops and cast them all in a racist, bigoted light.

Most police officers are, of course, upstanding and brave men and women who truly do form a “thin blue line” between societal order and chaos.

But every now and then an officer acts well outside the law and in doing so besmirches the reputations of every single cop in every single jurisdiction in the country.

One such officer in Jackson County, Fla., was recently busted following a year-long investigation after authorities suspected he may have been planting drugs on innocent people he stopped.

Turns out that is exactly what he was doing. And his body cam caught at least some of the activity.

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Now he’s facing felony charges and we can only hope that he’s made an example if because as bad as things are getting in America, we can’t afford to not trust our own local thin blue line. Anarchy is next.

Watch (H/T: Now This):

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