(NationalSentinel) One of our favorite one-liners is, “We should put President Trump’s tax returns on the border because nobody can seem to get over them.”

That makes us chuckle but it’s true: Democrats have been fixated on the president’s taxes since before he won the GOP nomination.

And the fixation continues, made worse by Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Earlier this week the president filed a lawsuit against the partisan hacks in his home state who are trying to force him to hand over years’ worth of tax returns, ostensibly to see if he’s made any ‘shady’ business deals (like with Russia).

So in response, a fed up President Trump has now filed a lawsuit of his own blocking the Democrat snoops who really only want his returns so they can find something in them to embarrass him with.

The fact is, there is no constitutional requirement for the president to reveal his taxes. What’s more, what’s in them is nobody’s business except the president’s.

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And frankly, if he had done something wrong, the IRS would have found it and gone after a billionaire businessman a long time ago since that agency gets his returns every single year.

Fox News‘ Dana Perino explains.


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