(NationalSentinel) Once upon a time, America was founded on principles that all people are created equal, have equal rights under the law, and are free to think, say, and express themselves without facing official repercussion.

But thanks to the hard Democrat Left, intolerance of other people’s views is now considered “tolerant.”

Punishing others for holding opposing political opinions is now required.

In short, modern-day Democrats have become old school tyrants just like those generations of Americans have shed blood and lost lives to defeat.

That said, not all liberals have lost their minds. Not all of them have lost track of our founding principles. And some of them are even willing to push back against their ideological brethren when they see them violating the very founding principles that separated America from the rest of the world.

Like this guy.

Fed up that a local township council disbanded an entire volunteer fire company just because one of its members, at one time, considered becoming affiliated with the Proud Boys, he did a little research — then let them have it at a recent council meeting.

The Proud Boys have been labeled by the Marxist Left in the usual way: White supremacists, bigots, racists, scoundrels. But they are none of those things.

As this man acknowledged.

We don’t see this much, so relish it. And thank you, sir, for standing up for the kind of country America was founded to be.

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