(NationalSentinel) Andrew Yang, an also-ran 2020 Democratic presidential contender, isn’t likely to capture his party’s nomination. But what he said at a forum this week hosted by pretend journalist Ali Velshi of MSNBC about wanting to control what Americans eat because (wait for it) Climate Change! is no different than any of the other Democrat lunatics running for the job.

Here’s the gist of it (since practically no one saw the forum since it was broadcast on MSNBC): Democrats hate cattle farming, period.

They think cattle farts are the single greatest threat to the life of the planet — more so than Chinese or Russian nuclear weapons (remember when Obama wanted to reduce our nuclear weapons so Russia could have more?).

Cattle methane. CO2 and all that. Never mind that CO2 is vital to the survival of our planet; without it, every living thing dies (including Democrats and their sycophantic climate change supporters).

Yang says we have to essentially over-regulate the cattle industry so a) beef operations become far more expensive; b) therefore fewer in number (due to reduced profits); so c) less beef will be available and;  d) thus less beef consumed by the world because it’ll be too expensive.

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How’s that for a Stalin move? Food Nazis? Democrats hate the fact that you have free will so they invent “crises” in order to justify relieving you of our free will and liberty.

Worse, they have convinced far too many young Americans to let them take away their liberties and freedom.

Here’s a thought exercise: There are far more people on Earth than there are cattle. We fart, too. We emit CO2. What’s the Democrats’ plans for humans?


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