(NationalSentinel) If you’re sick and tired of Left-wing Marxist scumbags trashing America as never being great, never having contributed to the advancement of humankind, and never having been a country where people could live in more peace, prosperity, and liberty than ever before, you’re not alone.

Frankly, we’re tired of watching shit bags hypocritically use the freedoms guaranteed them in the Constitution to trash the freedoms guaranteed them — and every other American citizen — by the Constitution.

It’s particularly jarring to us when we see these same losers burning an American flag like they were ISIS goat molesters gathering in some dusty crap hole town 8,000 miles away because they don’t have jobs, freedom, or anything else.

Then to top that off, we have to watch a guy wearing a MAGA hat try to defend the president of the United States and the country he was elected to represent get jumped by several officers and handcuffed while the shit bags desecrate our national symbol.

That’s messed up big time and it’s gotta change. If you don’t like America and you don’t thing she is great or was ever great, then get the F out. Seriously.

You’re free to go.

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