(NationalSentinel) We don’t want to pile on the bandwagon when it comes to pointing out Joe Biden’s mounting campaign problems and gaffe-happy responses but we will because we know he’d do it to a Republican rival if he still had his mind.

No wonder Democratic politicos and operatives are increasingly worried that Biden will end up with the nomination: He doesn’t even know how many people there are in America.

Heck, he’s not even close.

During a forum this week in which he was discussing a “wonky” child tax credit, Biden said it would “put 720 million women back into the workforce.”

720 million?

The United States only has roughly 327 million people.


But hey, if Biden does get the Democratic nomination, can you imagine how fun it will be to watch him debate President Trump, who is in full command of his faculties?

It’ll be a popcorn-worthy!

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