(NationalSentinel) We love Michelle Malkin. There is hardly a more feisty conservative woman on the planet. She gives as good as she gets and she never backs down.

Such was the case during a forum this week on the media attended by some of the industry’s leading dipshits — including CNN‘s “[Un]Reliable Sources” hack Brian Stelter.

When it was her turn to speak, Malkin discussed interning under broadcast journalist legend Tim Russert, who treated everyone with equal contempt and inquiry no matter their ideological or political bona fides.

She also discussed the pathetic state of today’s fake news “mainstream media.”

But she saved the best for Stelter, whom she said once was just a “blogger begging me for links” before she “came out” as a conservative journalist.

It’s classic Malkin and we love her for it.

You gotta watch:

[videopress FJrffJBQ]

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