(NationalSentinel) Fed up with inaction from the Democratic leadership on President Donald Trump’s renegotiated NAFTA agreement — the United States/Mexico/Canada Agreement, or USMCA — a bipartisan group of lawmakers and farmers are pressuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to drop the BS and bring the agreement up for a vote.

Last week, the Trump administration sent Pelosi an updated version of the USMCA after House Democrats bitched about labor and environmental “protections” — in Mexico.

But Pelosi, a multi-millionaire who has her lifestyle locked in, is determined to deny the president a victory on anything, even when it would help fellow Americans economically.

As such, Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), stopped by a farmer’s rally on Monday to point out the hypocrisy of Democrats like Pelosi who claim they are ‘all about American workers and farmers but who really care more about sticking it to President Trump.

“For Democrats, this is a dream agreement that is so much better than the existing NAFTA,” he said, according to The Epoch Times.

Rep. Jim Costa (D-Calif.), who understands the importance of farming to his state (California practically feeds the country), was also at the rally and was pushing to replace the garbage Clinton-era NAFTA with the much better (for America) USMCA.

“I think if we’re able to work out the issues on the labor agreement with Mexico to ensure that they’re enforceable as well as the environmental and biomedical challenges, yes, I think she wants to have an agreement,” Costa told The Epoch Times.

“[Pelosi] knows how important it is to America’s economy—for consumers, for working people, as well as for farmers, ranchers, and dairyman,” he said. “She’s from California, the largest agricultural state in the nation.”

Surely Costa doesn’t believe that part about the Speaker; Pelosi cares about political power and Nancy Pelosi, period. But he’s right about the deal being important for our country. That was Trump’s impetus in redoing NAFTA to begin with; to tank a lousy deal that even the late Ross Perot, in 1991, knew would lead to the destruction of American jobs and manufacturing as companies fled to Mexico (not Canada) for the cheap labor.


Those were the days. Perot then was Trump today; he came closer to the presidency than any third-party candidate has in eons but Americans back than had not quite had enough of the two-party duopoly political establishment, so he fell short of victory.

But he was right about the effects of NAFTA: A “giant sucking sound” of jobs left American for Mexico and other points south, never to return.

Until now.

Trump did what no one in D.C. thought he could or would do: He leveraged the awesome economic might of the United States to force our neighbors to make a new trade deal that didn’t include screwing the American people on a daily basis.

And Nancy Pelosi is holding it up.

Other Democrats are on board as well with passage, including House Agriculture Committee chairman Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) and Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas).

At the rally, Peterson said he “immediately came out in favor of the USMCA” after seeing the improvements to the old trade agreement in dairy and some other areas outside of agriculture.

“I think we’re on track, at least at this point, to get this thing up for a vote in the next month or two,” he said.

“We still have skeptics. We have people that are not in favor of this, and we’ve got to work through the system. And that’s what we’re doing right now. But as of right now, I’m optimistic.”

We’d like to be optimistic too. But as long as a majority of Democrats — and Pelosi — keep putting Mexican “labor and environmental” concerns ahead of Americans, this deal won’t get approved until Republicans retake the House (and keep the Senate.)

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