(NationalSentinel) If you’re getting tired of hearing about illegal aliens who are protected against deportation by scumbag Democrats and “sanctuary city” policies, you’re not alone.

And yet, for some reason, Americans continue to put up with it.

The latest outrage involves a Honduran “native” and a six-year-old girl. Cops say he raped her and then actually told her she’d be “grounded” for 100 days if she told anyone.

And look at the dateline: Silver Spring, Maryland.

Where have we heard “Maryland” and “illegal alien rape” before? Oh yes…CNS News:

Since Montgomery County, Maryland agencies were ordered in July not to cooperate with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or ask about immigration status, six illegal aliens have been arrested for sex crimes.

Do you think illegal alien criminal rapists are getting the message that Maryland Democrats have given them the green light to brutalize American children?

As for this thug’s injuries, we have our suspicions. Could be the victim’s father or maybe a police officer who did the right thing by meting out some early justice.

Whoever did it, it’s only a fraction of what this dirtbag deserves if he’s found guilty.

155 years behind bars? Nah. Why should we feed, house, and care for him that long? There’s a much simpler way to bring justice and it involves a lot of electricity and a chair.

As for the Democrats who continue to enable this kind of illegal alien thuggery, the only thing we can say is, if you’re outraged but you keep voting them into office, then you’re just as much to blame for what happens next.

You can continue to double down on stupid or elect people who will protect your family by upholding all of our laws, including those against illegal immigration.

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