By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Two-time failed presidential candidate and GOP Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah told CNN he would withhold his endorsement for a presidential candidate next year, including President Donald Trump, who is representing his party.

Romney, who said he wasn’t going to endorse anyone, drew criticism from pro-Trump media and other supporters, Lifezette reported.

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs — among others — tore into Romney for that stance during a television segment on Fox on Friday, saying, “What is wrong with this man?”

“Can you hear the tears falling on the marble floors under those terrible, terrible anti-Trumpers?” said Dobbs.

He also suggested that much more attention should be paid by people to the “booming Trump economy,” as well as the promises that the president has kept.

On Thursday, CNN reported that Romney, who won his seat in 2018, said he would withhold his endorsement in the 2020 race, “both in the primary and in the general election, underscoring the uneasy relationship between the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee and the leader of his party.”

“I’m not planning on endorsing in the presidential race,” Romney told CNNin an interview at the Capitol.

“At this stage, I’m not planning on endorsing in the primary or in the general.”

And while Romney’s endorsement isn’t vital to the president’s reelection effort, the fact that the Utah Republican continues to demonstrate animosity toward a president who has had the most trouble getting support from many in his own party since winning in 2016 — which isn’t normal.

“Romney’s statement adds more certainty about his plans in the presidential race after previously signaling he was unlikely to endorse a candidate in the 2020 elections. The decision by a party’s previous nominee to avoid backing a sitting president is yet another norm-breaking episode in Trump’s tumultuous time atop the Republican Party,” CNN reported.

The network also noted that Romney is friends with Bill Weld, who is mounting a long-shot challenge for the GOP nomination against the president.

In April, Romney said in an interview that Weld, a former governor of Massachusetts like Romney himself, had been a “superb governor.” However, he did not say whether he would get behind the long-shot candidate or not.

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