By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) A local judge granted a prosecutor’s request to drop charges against a Mexican national for allegedly raping and impregnating a 12-year-old girl despite “pretty clear evidence” he was the right suspect.

According to The Journal Times in Racine, Wisconsin, the man — who was accused of raping the same young girl as part of a duo — initially faced a 60-year prison sentence and deportation. The accused rapist, Juan Ramon-Pacheco, is a Mexican national, the paper reported.

Ramon-Pacheco and Lorenzo Bernabe-Lucas, a Guatemalan national, were charged after a young girl was brought to the hospital because she was experiencing abdominal pains. During her exam, doctors discovered that she was 38 weeks pregnant. She gave birth soon afterward.

The girl told police that Ramon-Pacheco and Bernabe-Lucas sexually assaulted her, but despite the heinous nature of the crime, Ramon-Pacheco will likely escape justice after the Racine County District Attorney’s Office filed a request with the court to have the charges dropped.

Racine Circuit Court Judge Mark Nielsen approved the request in March, though he did express some hesitation and confusion due to the facts of the case.

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“I have seen a lot weaker cases proceed to trial. I am trying to understand why [the prosecutor] wants me to dismiss other than the fact that the gentleman will be deported,” Nielsen said at the time, according to The Journal Times.

“In this case: an accusation of sexual assault of a child,” the judge said. “You appear to have a fair amount of pretty clear evidence that he committed these crimes.”

However, prosecutors argued that since Ramon-Pacheco was probably going to be deported, he didn’t pose any threat to public safety.

“He will be subject to deportation proceedings,” Assistant District Attorney Diane Donohoo said, according to the paper. “He has been in custody for a substantial period of time here. Given all of that, I believe that it is in the best interests of the victim and it does not harm the public that this case be dismissed at this time.”

Still, it should be noted that illegal immigrants often cross back into the U.S. after being deported several times, meaning Ramon-Pacheco could again pose a serious threat to society.

Also, by having his charges thrown out, he essentially escapes justice for raping and impregnating a minor child.

If there is a more clear case arguing in favor of immigration reform and a border wall, we can’t think of one.

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