By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist Poll claiming “broad bipartisan support” for a bevy of new gun control measures, as usual, has oversampled Democrats while under-sampling Republicans and gun owners.

According to publicly-funded NPR, “There is widespread support among Americans — Democrats, Republicans and gun owners alike — for a number of initiatives to curb gun violence they would like to see Congress pass.”

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For instance:

Increasing funding for mental health screenings and treatment, universal background checks, red flag laws and requiring gun licenses all get broad bipartisan support as well as the support of a majority of gun owners. (Red flag laws, also known as extreme-risk protection orders, allow police or family members to request that a judge temporarily remove guns from people who may be a danger to themselves or others.)

“When it comes to the general sentiment around guns and whether it’s more important to control gun violence or protect gun rights, a majority of Americans say it’s more important to control gun violence (55% to 39%),” NPR reported.

But a deeper dive into the sample statistics provide more context for why NPR and Marist likely got the results they did:

— 33 percent of the 1,314 adults (1,160 registered voters) sampled were Democrats

— 28 percent of adults sampled were Republicans

— 38 percent claimed they were “Independents” (a tactic used by Leftist pollsters to hide a liberal voters/opinions so they can further over-sample Democrats)

— Of the sample, there were only 514 gun owners

There are other discrepancies.

The pollsters claim that 37 percent of those sampled were “conservative” or “very conservative” compared to 29 percent who identified as “liberal” or “very liberal,” and yet there is supposedly 72 percent support for “background checks for gun purchases at gun shows or other private sales” — when conservatives and gun owners are aware that these laws, if they had been on the books, would not have stopped any of the mass shooters over the past several years.

Also, a new red flag law is supposedly favored by 57 percent of conservative respondents but that goes against what conservatives have been saying about those laws as well (especially conservative gun owners) — that they are unconstitutional because they deprive persons of their gun rights without due process.

Oversampling liberals is a favorite tactic of Left-wing media because they use polls to drive a narrative rather than to record actual sentiment among the population.


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